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Sweet Round Waffles

BKF Strawberry Tea

In a world where time is precious, in order to always answer to the customers’ needs, Dely Wafels has developed a new shape of waffle even easier and faster to reheat, but always as delicious as our Brussels Waffle.

We started from our traditional Brussels waffle, our expertise, we kept the lightness, the intern softness, the extern crispiness, instead we reduced the thickness of the waffle and decided to make it round to distinguish it from a traditional Brussels waffle. This waffle looks like its cousin « The Breakfast waffle », but keeps all the gustatory qualities of the Belgian waffle.

Dely Wafels' round waffle weights 30 grams and can be reheated in a toaster in less than 2 minutes or in a preheated oven in 3 minutes.

We varied this shape in multiple flavours that we invite you to discover.