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Everyone loves our frozen waffles

Once your customers taste our waffles, they look forward to eating them again. That is not the only reason why our frozen, artisanal Brussels waffles appeal to supermarkets, department stores and other large and small retailers.
The major advantage of our Brussels waffles is that they are ready in record time (only 4 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 220°C or 2 minutes in a toaster).

We offer a solution that will satisfy your customers’ requirements:

  • Three waffle sizes (3x4 Mini, 4x6 Maxi and 3x5 Maxi).
  • Two package sizes: small (4 Minis or 2 Maxis) or large (8 Minis or 4 Maxis).
  • Two different, delicious, artisanal recipes: with and without yeast.
  • We guarantee that all our customers will be able to enjoy a product with a use-by date of minimum one year.

We produce also Brussels waffles under your brand name.