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Just like you, Dely is flexible and offers incomparable quality

Dely Wafels is flexible and offers high-quality, just like you.
Brussels waffles are the ideal addition to the tearooms, pubs, brasseries and restaurants menus. It is an easy to use, not too expensive product that can be dressed up by adding different toppings. The waffles can be covered in sugar or be served in combination with fresh fruit, ice cream and whipped cream or with chocolate or syrup like Americans do at breakfast.

These toppings can change depending on the season or the menu so that customers are always served with a different combination.

Whether your customers are active in the hotel and catering industry or run a kitchen in a school, hospital or nursing home, they want to offer high-quality and delicious products. They also want to anticipate busy moments.

That's why Dely Wafels' frozen Brussels waffles meet your needs. We deliver them in convenient packaging of 24 Maxis or 48 Minis waffles.

Moreover, they can be preserved for a long time (use-by date of up to 18 months) in the freezer and you can use the waffles one at a time so you are never left with leftovers.

If you are active in Horeca sector and want to add our waffles to your menu, contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Dely Wafels - your partner when it comes to flexibility and quality.